TWIT for iPhone 


This is the OFFICIAL TWiT Application!

This is the Best selling TWiT app for over 5 years!

Watch / Listen to Leo LIVE.

Interact with Leo Laporte and the TWiT network with the TWiT application.

TWIT directly links to and immediately plays the TWIT stream. 

Additional Features!
(*) Live Video Streaming
(*) AirPlay support!
(*) TWIT Show calendar
(*) Archived Netcast Video and Audio
(*) CHAT in the #twitlive IRC chat room.
(*) Full Background support
(*) Landscape Video support
(*) Incoming call Pause / Resume support

-The ONLY TWiT app with Auto re-fresh on stream drop

-The ONLY TWiT app with a Manual refresh on stream drop

-The ONLY TWiT app with Background Audio for All devices (via Safari)

-The ONLY TWiT app with an Audio Only option for low bandwidth scenarios










"TWiT by ShiftKeySoftware is the Best way to Watch TWiT on the go..." - Leo Laporte, TWiT.

"An Outstanding App..." - Adam Curry, Big App Show.